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Internal Consulting Skills Online Course Program

Top 10 Internal Consulting Skills:

  • Questioning: Preparing and asking questions that seek out the main issues, diagnose underlying causes and explore potential solutions without assuming or prejudging.
  • Understanding: Listening to the client, clarifying, probing and restating to fully understand the issues, challenges and priorities.
  • Building Rapport: Quickly establishing a smooth conversational flow with a client rather than an awkward, strained interaction. Adjusting your style to suit the client's style and personality.
  • Empathy: Seeing the situation from their point of view. Anticipating questions they are likely to ask us, what they are likely to be interested in or worried about and how they are likely to react.
  • Process Management: Using an appropriate governance or project management process to agree the scope and objectives, make the key decisions, access the right stakeholders and involve the right subject matter experts. Striking the balance between 'Expert' and 'Collaborative' mode.
  • Analysis: Tailoring the form of analysis to best suit the nature of the problem and the needs of the main stakeholders.
  • Influence: Communicating information in a style and format to engage the stakeholder, make sound decisions and persuade them to take appropriate action.
  • Resolving Differences: Dealing with difficult people and situations to diffuse negative emotions, manage frustrations, mediate and resolve differences.
  • Building Trust: Using language that resonates with the client, managing their expectations and dealing with difficult issues in an open and honest way.
  • Relationship-building: Getting access to key stakeholders. Behaving in a way that demonstrates you can be relied upon to understand and anticipate stakeholder needs and consistently add value.

This is a 2-day classroom or remote online course delivered via online Zoom course. This fast-paced and highly concentrated learning experience draws on the extensive practical consultancy and change management experience of the course facilitators. The program is highly interactive and includes practical consulting case studies and simulations, and practical tips, tools and techniques to help you get even better results as in internal (or external) consultant or business partner.

The emphasis is developing client management skills and on the practical application of techniques. About two-thirds of the course is structured around a practical case study "simulation" that follows an internal consulting process from inception to completion. In the consulting simulation you will be working in a team of up to 7 colleagues, and each team will prepare for and run a series of meetings with our facilitators who role-play a number of "client" managers. This ensures you will have the opportunity to participate directly in dealing with the "client" and developing your consulting skills and confidence. You will apply a number of consulting techniques and approaches and receive personal feedback from our facilitators to help you develop and practise the people-skills and relationship-building techniques essential to successful performance as a business partner or internal consultant.


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The content of our Zoom consulting skills course online course is identical our traditional classroom based course. You will practise using a consulting process, skills, techniques and tools introduced by our highly experience course facilitator who will then guide you through a practical consulting simulation. Over the 2 days, you and your fellow course participants will take a consulting case study simulation from beginning to end. For the practical consulting simulation sessions you will collaborate with your fellow course participants in Zoom course breakout rooms with cloud whiteboards to maximise teamworking and discussion and ensure you develop practical consulting experience. You and your team will then run live simulated consulting meetings with our facilitator who plays a number of different 'client' or stakeholder roles. Following each simulated consulting meeting you will discuss how your team performed and your experienced course facilitator will offer feedback and additional practical tips and consulting techniques to help boost your consulting skills. The emphasis is on learning by doing.

2-Day Course Content and Program

Course times: The course starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm each day.

1. The consulting process
  • What is consultancy?
  • Understanding client needs
  • The 7 Steps to a successful assignment
  • Nine important ways for you to ‘add value'
  • How and when to use ‘Expert' and ‘Process' modes

Internal Consulting skills - the consulting process

6. CONSULTING SIMULATION: Presenting Recommendations

Practical consulting simulation and skills development session in small groups, each facilitated by one of our experienced facilitators

  • How to present 'bad news' without alienating your client
  • How to read and respond to your client's behaviour
  • The 'scapegoat' trap and how to avoid it
  • 20 ways for you to run better consulting presentations
  • How to present your findings for maximum impact
  • How to handle the tough questions
  • 6 effective ways to handle difficult people in presentations
  • Gaining your client's commitment to the next steps

Practical consulting simulation and skills development session in small groups, each facilitated by one of our experienced facilitators

  • How to manage successful initial client meetings
  • Establishing credibility and professionalism
  • 22 ways for you to run better intial meetings
  • 13 critical issues for the initial meeting and how to deal with them
  • The 80:20 rule and why you will fail without it
  • How to develop highly effective questions
  • Four powerful techniques to boost your active listening

Internal Consulting Skills practical simulation

Client Management

Reviewing & practising techniques: Discussing, reviewing and practising techniques with other course participants

  • Essentials of successful client management
  • Difficult situations and how to deal with them
  • A simple-but-effective 7-step process to help you say 'no'
  • How to put together highly effective client-consultant teams
  • Applying proven techniques to handle 'difficult' clients


Internal Consulting Skills practice

3. Developing your Consulting Skills

Feedback & action planning: Review of Personal Consulting Style results

  • Benchmarking your consulting style against over 500 Australian internal consultants
  • Using the Consulting Style Profiler to develop your business, client and self-management skills
  • Over 150 action steps to boost your effectiveness
  • Measuring your 'Emotional Intelligence' against our consulting benchmarks
  • 10 important ways to boost your 'Emotional Intelligence'

Personal Consulting Style Profile

8. "MARKETING" and Positioning Yourself as a Business Partner

Discussion & action planning: Reviewing your team's current role and perceived value. Preparing a plan of action to re-position yourself and your team as a value-adding business partner

  • Moving from 'cost' to 'added value'
  • Mapping your client's needs
  • Identifying consulting opportunities to add greater value
  • Building powerful networks and sponsors
  • 30 practical ways to re-position your team as a business partner
  • Developing your 'marketing' action plan
4. Consulting Tools & Techniques
  • How to use simple consulting tools collaboratively to diagnose the problem
  • How to involve your client in identifying solutions they will own
  • Using the Organisational Health Check, SWOT, Ishikawa and Force Field Analysis to influence your client
  • Using consulting models as powerful communication tools
Consulting Tools and Techniques
9. Personal Action Planning
  • Using the Personal Development Workbook
  • Building your personal network
  • Developing your personal action plan

Personal Development Workbook

5. CONSULTING SIMULATION: Information Gathering

Practical consulting simulation and skills development session in small groups, each facilitated by one of our experienced facilitators

  • The secrets of successful information gathering meetings
  • The confidentiality barrier and how to overcome it
  • 20 ways for you to improve your information gathering
  • How to deal with dominant people who are more senior
  • The keys to building rapport and overcoming resistance
  • Questionnaire surveys as a powerful information gathering tool


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