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Consulting Tools App

Buy our App for phones and tablets:

You can purchase our "Consulting Tools" app without attending one of our courses. This runs on phones and tablets using the "Android" operating system (which includes most phones and tablets except iPhones, iPads or Nokia). Get immediate access to tools, checklists and techniques to boost your performance as an internal specialist or external consultant. If you provide support or advice and guidance to business areas in your organisation or to external clients, this set of tools, checklists and guidelines will help you operate with greater confidence and achieve results more quickly and successfully.

When dealing with internal or external stakeholders and clients there are times when just being an "expert" isn't enough. The "Consulting Tools" app helps you clarify business needs, deal with difficult or assertive stakeholders, deliver solutions and get their commitment to put these into practice. As a specialist you need to help your internal/external stakeholders, clients and customers achieve business objectives. The "Consulting Tools" app is a set of 23 quick-access checklists and guides to help boost your effectiveness in the consulting process from initial meeting with your stakeholder through to getting agreement and commitment to your solution and making it happen:

  • Quick-reference "Palm Cards" to help you remember key consulting techniques
  • Plan for critical stages of the consulting process using step-by-step checklists
  • Work out what they really need and how you can help them using our diagnostic questions
  • Don't leave a meeting again without the critical information
  • Techniques to help you influence and say "No"professionally
  • Deal with difficult, unhelpful people and build trust and rapport
  • Techniques to take charge with greater confidence in meetings with senior, assertive managers
  • Be more effective in the end-to-end process of consulting!

See the "Consulting Tools" app at the Google Play site

App will store our consulting tools on your phone:

Load the app onto your phone to have consulting tools at your fingertips when you need them. Menu-driven for easy access to the right tools for the right occasion.

Consulting Tools App









Example "Consulting Tools" Screen Shots:

23 quick-reference screens to remind you of consulting techniques, detailed planning checklists and example questions to ensure your consulting initiative is a success.

Consulting Tools screen shots






Which phones or tablets will the App run on?

The Consulting Tools app will run on most phones which use the "Android" operating system (which includes most phones and tablets other than Apple iPhones, iPads and Nokia phones). Your device needs to use Oreo (Android 8) operating system or earlier. The current version of the app will not run on Apple iPhones or iPads, but if demand is strong we may develop an iPhone version at a later date.


How to buy the "Consulting Tools" App:

Google Play icon
Consulting Tools icon
  • Switch your phone on
  • Make sure you have an internet connection
  • Have your credit card details ready - depending on your phone service you might be able to pay via your mobile phone service provider rather than by credit card
  • Press or select the "Google Play" icon on your phone (see example above). You should find this icon on your phone's main screen.
  • In the Google Play site, search for "Consulting Tools" and select the app (look for the "CT" icon shown above)


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